Research profile

I am a lecturer (german: akad. Rätin) at the Department of Sociology and Social Psychology at the University of Cologne, Germany and affiliated to the Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute, The Hague, The Netherlands.


My research interests are at the intersection of sociology and demography. Fundamental changes in demographic patterns of partnership and family behavior piqued my curiosity to specialize in cross-national comparative research on the diversity of couple and family life in contemporary Europe with a focus on social inequalities over and between individual life courses. I moreover study the long term consequences of partnership and fertility behavior and women's economic well-being and the link between childhood family context and adult partnership life courses.

Dr. Nicole Hiekel | University of Cologne | Department of Sociology and Social Psychology | Universitätsstraße 24 | D-50939 Cologne | Germany |hiekel[at]

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